What it is

'tenpo la...' meaning 'once upon a time...' is a small, sweet, and easy clicky-touchy puzzle game in several shades of grey and gray. It comprises 25 single-screen levels and a larger 3-screen Point & Click Adventure game level to keep you, your toddlers, and (pre)-schoolers off the streets for a bit.

How it came about

I created this simple game during an Inktober-like challenge for myself. In October 2021, I turned a daily sketch on my Remarkable 2 into a small interactive level that my two-year-old girl and older sons can play alone or together on their tablet. Because I reserved only about 2 hours a day to work on both the sketch and coding of the level, the result is what it is. After October, I only removed a few bugs and added some of my own sounds and music to complete the peachy experience.

Enjoy - o musi pona!

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