Take a first visual and interactive dive into the universe of The Toki Ponist on the Mountain in this short puzzle adventure. Just try it out and make yourself at home! To succeed, you will learn a bit of Toki Pona language and get a few snippets of insight into the philosophy of a self-proclaimed guru.

Visit the rest of The Toki Ponist on the Mountain universe.


  • 10-20 minutes of gameplay
  • monochrome hand drawn pencil visuals and animations
  • wield objects, operate machines and solve a simple puzzle
  • one seemingly ordinary location to explore that slowly takes a turn towards the odd
  • get in touch with The Toki Ponist philosophy and lost ways of thinking
  • take a small dive into learning the actual artificial minimalist language Toki Pona

Origin story

I created this game in Fall of 2018 when I was recovering at home from a painful chest operation. Actually, I started by developing my own game engine for point & click puzzle games. To test it, this little game came into being.  Obviously, the visuals and audio are not up to the ideal level of detail and perfection.

In the years since, I have written a 150,000 word novel about the Toki Ponist and the worlds that revolve around him. Now the time is ripe to release, step by step, pieces of the novel and new episodes of this game.

Episodes 1 to N

Each will tell a part of the tale of The Toki Ponist on the Mountain and the other characters in the universe. With each episode, the game engine will advance and my experience will grow, resulting in:

  • better and more elaborate (color!) drawings and animations
  • increasingly intricate and creative puzzles in more locations than before
  • a deeper dive into the philosophy of the Toki Ponist
  • a stronger grasp of Toki Pona language
  • hopefully better music, or at least something that can be called music

In the end, the game will not only be about following a storyline but will also serve as a testament to my growing experience and views on life.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tags2D, conlang, Escape Game, Point & Click, Short, toki-pona
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast

Development log


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i loved the visuals! very intriguing story too. i was very engaged through it all, it was fun :)

rrreally beautiful, intriguing, uoah. Which engine did you used?

ttthanks, as you have read I wrote my own engine in JavaScript and then Lua. Engine development is taking way too much time though. I am now experimenting with Visionaire 5 for my next project.

There is a bug which loses a picture piece. If you collect the picture piece in the cabinet with the key and then collect the picture piece on the floor in the corner of the room, your inventory only shows 1 picture piece.

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I love the illustration. I love the game. It's a great game but i got stuck on charging the phone. I would definitely recommend this for fans of point and click

(1 edit) (+1)

Many thanks! I might add a hint system to the next version, although I’m not a big fan of those. In the meantime, I uploaded a walkthrough with commentary.